Blue Ridge Fire Calls for Mandatory Evacuation


 The nine-day-long Blue Ridge Fire which burned at least 14,334 acres and damaged 10 homes in the Yorba Linda area has been contained as of November 4. 

 All schools in the Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District were closed for two days to ensure full safety and comfort for students and families affected by the fire

The fire affected many families who lost houses and yards. In an interview with the Matador Messenger, evacuee Madison White said, “We didn’t get the message to evacuate, but we were about to eat lunch when we smelled smoke. We looked outside, and the sky was completely orange. The fire never got to our house, but it was in the neighborhood above ours. My friend’s house lost its pool gate and some palm trees.” 

According to Cal Fire, 335 firefighters and six crews were deployed on the fire. “I am very thankful for the firefighters that risked their lives to protect our homes and neighborhoods,” Madison White remarked.

In case of an evacuation, Ready For Wildfire states that the most important thing to do is to, “make sure you know your community’s emergency response plan and have a plan on where to go when it is time to evacuate, and best routes for leaving your location.” This will, “give you…the best chance of surviving a wildfire.” 

If there is ever a need to evacuate at school, Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District states, “Children will walk with teacher/s, administrative personnel, and volunteers to the field of the elementary school. Teachers will take roll to account for all children. Children will be reunited with parents and guardians by referring to student emergency cards. (The) teacher will confirm that the child recognizes the person picking him/her up and feels secure in his/her custody.”