11 New Thanksgiving Rules to Stay Safe During the Pandemic

11 new Thanksgiving rules have been set in place to keep people safe during COVID-19

11 New Thanksgiving Rules to Stay Safe During the Pandemic

Photo Courtesy of Maren Hall

Every Thanksgiving you do your own thing, cook a turkey, invite family friends, play football, ect. But not this year, due to recent events in California, the whole state has made 11 rules you need to follow to stay safe for this thanksgiving.

Even experts state that they are changing their plans for Thanksgiving festivities to keep themselves and their families safe. Neil Sehgal, an assistant professor of health policy and management at the University of the Maryland School of Public Health, states, “I don’t feel comfortable traveling for fun, to me, it’s not worth the risk,” (The washington Post). First, contact all of your friends/family who are coming over and make sure they are healthy. Also, trace where they’re coming from so you can determine where they have been and if they could have been exposed to the virus. 

People must hold all of their gatherings outside. Not only that, but 75% of it has to be held under some tent, umbrella, or roof. If you attend a gathering, be sure to wear a mask. Gatherings are recommended to be only two hours long. Be prepared to keep a physical distance and practice hand hygiene. 

Singing, chanting, and shouting are strongly discouraged, but if you do so, CDC and CDPH strongly suggest that you wear a mask. There will be a limit to two different households at the same gathering. If you meet at a public facility, be sure not to mix with other gatherings. 

If you do not follow these guidelines, you will put you and your family’s health at risk. This year’s Thanksgiving will differ from others, but these guidelines have been set in place to protect you and countless more while still following tradition.