PYLUSD High Schools Showcase Programs for Incoming Freshman

COVID-19 forces PYLUSD high schools to begin showcases for incoming freshmen virtually


Photos Courtesy of Esperanza, Yorba Linda, Valencia, and El Dorado

Due to COVID-19 restriction, PYLUSD is sponsoring its “High School Showcases” for incoming freshmen via Zoom meeting and video presentation from October 27th to December 2nd. You can access this at the website of your school of choice.

These showcases are held to give students the opportunity to choose what high school they will attend. Students and parents can expect showcases to focus on academics, academies, athletics, core classes, arts, academy classes, and what the overall school is like (PYLUSD High School Showcases 2020). Yorba Linda will present on November 17, Valencia will present on November 18, and Esperanza is last to present on December 2.

If students wish to attend a high school when they are not in the attendance zone, they have two options. They can apply for an academy course and have a guaranteed spot in the school if they make it into the class, or they can register to enter the school without having to take an academy class, but the spot won’t be guaranteed.

All four comprehensive high schools, El Dorado, Esperanza, Valencia, and Yorba Linda, offer “academy classes” in addition to their required course offerings. These classes are similar to electives, as each class focuses on a specific career path. El Dorado offers Digital Media Arts and ED Law. Yorba Linda has Culinary Arts as well as the Mustang Business Academy. 

Esperanza has the Aztec Engineering and Manufacturing Academy, along with the Medical Sciences Academy. Valencia has the International Baccalaureate (IB), AICE, and Val Tech. These classes are expected to be highlighted in the showcase presentations, given that these courses separate each high school’s education.

“Both our Aztec Engineering/Manufacturing and our Medical Sciences Academy are growing by leaps and bounds,” EHS principal, Gina Aguilar, said in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

Esperanza Highschool provides “Traditions of Excellence,” areas of success, in academics, athletics, academies, and arts, which can all be learned about at the EHS showcases on December 2nd at 6:00 p.m. “By helping students find their passion and be connected to school, we help foster skills necessary to be successful at the next level,” Gina Aguilar says. At Esperanza, students show “Aztec PRIDE,” an acronym for positivity, responsibility, innovation, determination, and engagement. 

El Dorado was the first high school to present their showcase on October 27. They started the night off with a pre-made video put on by the DMAA (Digital Media Arts Academy). Then, students could choose which Zoom meeting they would like to attend organized by last name. These options included Band/Guard, Choir, ED Law, Dance, Theatre, Science Olympiad, Digital Media Arts Academy (DMAA), Administration, Orchestra, Athletics, and Counselors (El Dorado High School Showcase). “Counselors,” include information on how to register for the school and what students and parents can arrange and organize with the school counselors.

If you would like more information on the showcases, visit these links: