Nearly 6,900 Tickets for Tokyo Olympics Purchased with Fraudulent IDs



The Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizing committee voided nearly 6,900 tickets purchased with fraudulent IDs in May, reported the Japan times.

 The organizing committee revealed that around 30,000 IDs required to apply for the online lottery were purchased with fraudulent IDs. According to The Mainichi, “The total value of the tickets was about 180 million yen ($1.6 million).” These tickets will not be refunded by the committee as they were  fraudulently purchased, according to the source. 

  The committee believes that it was an orchestrated group that put the fraudulent purchase plan together to secure tickets. According to the Japan Times after this occurrence the organizing committee has contacted the Metropolitan Police, and have declined to answer further questions regarding the matter.

Over 7.7 million Japan residents have registered, and roughly 3.2 million tickets were sold during the first phase of tickets, “An additional ticket lottery closed in August for some 4.16 million residents  with about 120,000 winners out of the more than 1.4 million applicants buying around 350,000 of the over 680,000 tickets available so far.” says the Japan Times on this matter. A Tokyo spokesman said the organizers were “absolutely pleased” with the interest in the tickets according to Ticket News.