‘Extinct’ Tortoise Rediscovered

Photo Courtesy: newscientist.com


The Galapagos Giant Tortoise, which has been thought to be possibly extinct for 100 years, was recently spotted.

The tortoise was found on the island of Fernandina. The tortoise is a female and was spotted on February 17th, but its last sighting before that was in 1906 according to mashable.com.

The tortoise is reportedly in good health but is underweight and is estimated to be 100 years old. She is supposedly about two-thirds the size of the last Galapagos Tortoise found, a deceased male according to mashable.com.

There is a possibility that there are even more of this type of tortoise out there, as the group of people who went reportedly saw many tracks and tortoise prints on the island according to nationalgeographic.com.

Scientists are hoping to breed this near extinct tortoise, “They will need more than one, but females may store sperm for a long time” stated Stuart Pimm a professor at Duke University according to washingtonpost.com, “There may be hope.”