California’s Deadly Fire Has Been Contained

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After weeks of fighting the Northern California wildfire, the ‘Campfire’, has finally been contained.


Camp Fire first started its deadly rampage on November eighth and was not contained until November 25th. The fire burned about 220 square miles, which is almost the size of Chicago, according to


Rain came on November 25th which helped contain the fire, according to


The fire killed at least 85 people and around 250 people are still missing, however the number is continuing to drop as more people are being found alive according to


“The Camp Fire has destroyed 13,972 residences and 528 commercial buildings as it burned 153,336 acres, according to the latest Cal Fire incident report” according to The fire also completely destroyed the town of Paradise located in Butte County according to


This fire was not only the most destructive in California history, but also the deadliest according to


Although the fire has ended its rampage, there are still many people suffering from its destruction. 14,000 homes were destroyed leaving many displaced and homeless for months to come, if not longer according to

For anyone who wishes to help the thousands who have lost their homes, a recovery website has been created by Butte County located at