Miniature Pony Survives Japanese Flood Stranded on Roof

A miniature pony in Japan, was left on the roof of a house after being washed away by a flood. “Leaf, a therapy animal from Japan, was last seen disappearing into a rain swollen river, leaving behind the flooded farm where she was looked after alongside other animals,” stated

The owners of Leaf feared that the nine-year-old drowned in the rainfall. They organized a search party in the area, but wept when she was nowhere to be found.

When the foggy mist cleared, nine-year-old Leaf was spotted on top of the roof of a house. “The horse was covered in mud and had injured one of her legs, but otherwise unharmed,” reported

Residents were puzzled at the sight of the pony standing on a nearby house. They were baffled to the mystery of how the pony got onto the roof, since the water level didn’t rise high enough for the pony to reach the roof.

Another problem that the civilians had to face was how to get her down. “Rescuers fed her carrots in order to keep her calm while they devised a strategy that eventually involved bringing her in through a window,” explained

“Staff at the Care Organization said that they cried upon being reunited with the  tiny horse, who will be recovering at the farm,” reported The owners of Leaf were ecstatic to find her still alive. It is still a mystery of how Leaf found her way onto the roof.