Michael Ketterer Receives Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent


Photo Courtesy of Billboard

A Christian singer who is also a pediatric mental health nurse and a father of six earned this season’s second golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent, stated nbc4.

Although raising six children is a talent in itself, Michael Ketterer graced the stage of America’s Got Talent with a rousing vocal audition on Tuesday (June 5) episode, earning him the second golden buzzer of the season from judge Simon Cowell, according to billboard.

“When we find singers on this show, is it about being technical, or is it about being relevant? And sometimes, for me, it’s just about being real and a surprise,” Cowell said. “I think sometimes actions speak louder than words, ” stated etonline.

“I feel like when I watch you and listen to you, I just want to be, you know, a fraction of the human being that I believe that you are,” said Howie Mandel. ” You’re a great performer, and you’re a star human being,” stated nbc4.

“All our kids have come from pretty desperate situations. Through the process of adoption, it has taught us so much about the father’s heart. He is not afraid of our brokenness. It doesn’t matter what we are or what we face, he is going to see us through to the very end,” Ketterer said in the introduction to a music video for his song, Kingdom, according to nbc4.

With that, Cowell got up and slammed the Golden Buzzer, which sends Ketterer automatically to the next round — not that it was really in question. It was the second Golden Buzzer of season 13, after host Tyra Banks used hers to send an Australian acrobatic dance group on to the live round last week. Each judge gets one shot at the Golden Buzzer per season, stated etonline.