Australia Builds the World’s Biggest Cat-Proof Fence


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The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) has built the world’s largest cat-proof fence in order to keep out foxes and feral cats in central Australia, according to

AWC decided to build the fence because many of the native species have been killed by  the cats. About 99% of the native animal deaths are caused by feral cats, according to

Most of Australia is covered with large populations of feral cats. The cats were brought over to Australia by British immigrants as domestic pets, but soon they went wild and spread across the continent in the 1700s, according to

“The only way we can save Australia’s most endangered animals is by establishing these massive feral cat-free areas using conservation fencing,” stated AWC chief, Attius Fleming, in an article published by

The electric fence is 44 kilometers (27 miles) long and is made of 85,000 pickets, 400 kilometers of wire, and 130 kilometers of wire, according to

Species of animals such as the mala, a type of small wallaby, have been taken away from its natural habitat and will be reintroduced in 2019 back into the Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary since the area is now a cat-free zone, according to

The AWC has been working on this fence since June 18, 2017 and has finished building the fence in May 2018, according to

The first stage of the fence building project totals up to cost £1.7m to fence the area and move 2.1 million to 6.3 million feral cats to the area. AWC has no effective strategy to fight against the cats, but in the past they used to use bait to put the cats into cages and to kill them. The second stage of the project is estimated to cost an extra £2.83m, according to