Dozens of Guatemalans Die as Fuego Volcano Erupts


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At least 33 people were killed in Guatemala on Sunday on June third when the Fuego  volcano erupted and the deaths are rising.

“The death toll from Guatemala’s Fuego volcano eruption keeps rising, and now more hazards threaten grieving residents,” stated

The volcano sent hot rivers of rock and gas into the villages, killing dozens. The official death toll is expected to rise as people search the villages on Monday. “What follows is a chronological account of Volcano de Fuego’s most violent eruption in decades, which affected nearly 2 million people,” based on local reports explained

Fuego had erupted a few months ago, in fact, and many times before that. Rising into the sky about 25 miles west of Guatemala City, it is one of the most active volcanoes on the continent, BBC wrote. Thus the name: Volcano of Fire according to the

“Fuego, about 40km (25 miles) south-west of the capital Guatemala City, spewed rock, gas and ash into the sky,” reported

“Even as rescue workers and authorities search for survivors to clean up after the eruption, Fuego may still have more in store,” stated

Insivumeh, Guatemala’s national institute for volcanology, is warning people to stay away from the volcano’s slopes in case of more pyroclastic flows. They also warn people to avoid ravine or waterways where ash and water can mix to create a deadly mudflow known as lahar, which can speed downslope upwards of 120 miles per hour, sweeping along everything in its path.”

Readers who are interested in helping Guatemalans affected by the volcano you can go to the Go Fund Me website, the Red Cross, and the Miguel Vargas Association.