Golden State Killer Finally Caught Thanks To New DNA Technology


Photo Courtesy By NY Daily News

After four decades of searching, detectives have finally caught the infamous Golden State Killer, guilty of 50rapes and 12 murders, according to CNN, throughout the 1970’s and 80’s. Suspect Joseph James DeAngelo was arrested by Sacramento Police Department on April 24th.

“We all knew that we were looking for a needle in a haystack,” Anne Marie Schubert, the Sacramento District Attorney, reported at a news conference announcing DeAngelo’s arrest.

He was caught through a match with discarded DNA samples. “It is fitting that today is National DNA Day,” Schubert said. “We found the needle in the haystack and it was right here in Sacramento.”

DNA expert and investigator Paul Holes believed that he could create a “road map” to the suspect through his genetics, according to the He recovered DNA from the killer’s crime scenes and traced them back to his great great grandparents, who had lived in the 1800s. Holes and a team of five investigators then “created about 25 family trees containing thousands of relatives down to the present day,” added the source.

Out of the countless relatives, one lead to 72 year old retiree, Joseph James DeAngelo. Holes was immediately intrigued by DeAngelo, learning he’s an ex-cop, fired for shoplifting dog repellent and a hammer from a hardware store. He had also bought weapons (guns) around the time of activity by the killer. When officers had taken trash from the suspect, Holes tested the DNA and genetics to the killer. This professional gamble had resulted in a match.

“Everything else up to this time had failed,” Holes said. “For 44 years, law enforcement has been trying to solve this case. No other case has had more resources poured into it in the history of California. I was just stunned.”

Genetics played a massive part in this conclusion, but it didn’t lead to the actual suspect, only relatives. Holes had said that this family tree had took four months to create, they had created it name by name. It took countless documents, scouring databases, and searching through records, but after 44 years it all eventually lead to Deangelo.

The killer, coined with many names such as the East Area Rapist,” “Original Night Stalker,” “Diamond Knot Killer,” and “Visalia Ransacker,” had finally been brought to justice. He had struck fear into many people.“Thousands of nightmares and thousands of sleepless nights have been put to an end with the capture of this rapist,” Carol Daly said.