Waffle House Shooting Suspect Taken into Custody


Photo Courtesy By WPLG

The suspect of a shooting at a Waffle House in Tennessee has been taken into custody, the Metro Nashville PD confirm. The shooting occurred April 22nd, ending four lives and injuring two others.

Travis Reinking, age 29,  was apprehended in a wooded area after having his gun “wrestled away” from him and fleeing the scene on foot, according to CNN. Reinking is now being held in custody as a suspect for murder. His father may also face charges for providing Reinking with the guns. Travis has requested a lawyer for his defense.

These are the victims according to Essence.com:

DeEbony Groves, 21

Akilah DaSilva, 23

Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29

Joe R. Perez, 20

BBC states that, the  suspect has an apparent history of unstable behavior, including many previous run-ins with law enforcement. One such run in being in the summer of 2017 where  Reinking apparently wanted to meet with US President Donald Trump . He crossed the security barrier, calling himself a “sovereign citizen” who wanted with the president. At the time he was charged with unlawful entry, according to CNN.

According to New York Times,  Nashville Mayor Briley had said, “enough indication that there was some element of mental illness associated with it, as opposed to it being intentional or planned.” With that, his personal motive for this particular attack is still unknown.

The Observer suggests that this mass shooting has the potential to be labeled a hate crime The demographic of the victims were all people of color, five out of six of them being black. Suspicion of this bigotry being the motivation of this crime is a topic of debate amongst the public.