First Polar Bear Born in the U.K in 25 Years is Male


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The first polar bear born in the U.K in 25 years in December 2017 at the Highland Wildlife fund has been confirmed as male, according to

Although this cub has been born quite some time ago, his gender was only confirmed on Monday April 16 during a health check according to

For four months since the birth of this cub staff had been keeping an eye on his mother Victoria, making sure she had enough food and water to survive since she was surviving mostly on body fat according to

Since his birth he has just begun coming outside with his mother, Victoria, and has begun learning how to swim according to

When he was first born, the cub only weighed a little more than a guinea pig, but now he is about the size of a scottish terrier according to

Una Richardson, head keeper responsible for carnivores, at Kincraig near Kingussie in the Highlands, said: “…Next we need to give him a name and our keepers are coming up with a suitable list which we will soon ask the public to choose from on social media. This will help us engage with as wide an audience as possible to raise awareness of the threats polar bears are facing in the wild and the need to protect this magnificent species,” as reported by

This new cub is one of four polar bears living at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig. Along with him there are three other adult polar bears living there, his mother Victoria, his father Arktos, and one other male according to

“The cub is still suckling, but it was seen picking up carrots and apples in its mouth and chewing on meat, even standing up on its back legs drinking water from the drinker,” according to

This cub will also be given his own documentary called Britain’s Polar Bear Cub on Channel 4 set to air on April, 22 at 7pm according to

The birth of this cub is an important global event, especially with the number of polar bears decreasing. There are as few as 22,000 polar bears still left living in the wild, and that number may soon decrease even further due to climate change according to “Because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat resulting from climate change, polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the US under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008,” according to