Outrage Over 22 Year Old Man Shot And Killed In Sacramento


Photo Courtesy Of kvcrnews.org

At the age of 22, Stephon Clark was shot and killed, on March 18. There are many controversies and different protests following this “incident”.   Even though people get shot and killed everyday by police enforcement, and even normal citizens this was a little different.

On Sunday night, March 18, Stephon Clark was shot by a police officer in his Grandparents backyard, reports came in from a police helicopter that Stephon Clark was a suspect of attempting to break car windows around the neighborhood.

When the officers got notified that the suspect was on the flee, the police officer in the middle of a search entered the backyard. When they confused his cell phone in his hand for a “toolbar”, which made the officer believe it was a deadly weapon, so the officer shot 20 bullets from a handgun into the young Stephon Clark, according to foxnews.com.

It’s rare for a police officer to be charged with a crime like a shooting and be convicted for it.  The reason for this is, because some prosecutors or jurors believe that the officers have a reason to fear their safety when dealing with a suspect, according to foxnews.com.  The family isn’t expecting a resolution in their favor, such as money from the city in a lawsuit.

Protesters want a city council meeting for the justice of Stephon Clark.  ”Clark’s brother, Stevante, along with other demonstrators, attended the early-evening meeting, which opened with a moment of silence for Clark and was intended to address his death.”.  There are many protests on the shooting, everyone that has attended wants the same thing, justice, according to foxnews.com

In conclusion, Stephen Clark was an innocent 22 year old male who had been shot by a clueless officer, but this doesn’t stand with many people nor does it stand for Clark’s family. This wasn’t just a form of self defense on the cop’s part, it was a reckless action that should not have been part taken.