George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art To Open In Los Angeles


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The creator of the Star Wars franchise and the Indiana Jones franchise, George Lucas, is constructing a museum located in LA’s Exposition Park that consists of various displays of narrative painting, illustration, photography, film, animation, and digital art, according to

A ceremony was held at Exposition Park in LA on Wednesday, March 14 to mark the official spot where the museum is going to be built, according to

Construction has began in early 2018 and the museum is said to open up to the public at the end of 2021, according to

“The Lucas Museum will celebrate the art of visual storytelling and enable people of diverse backgrounds to experience the power of narrative art across all mediums, including painting, illustration, comic art, photography, film, animation and digital art. It is intended to be a place where visitors feel comfortable and welcomed by engaging with art forms they may already recognize and love,” stated Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, according to

The total cost of the museum is projected to be $1 billion dollars, which will be funded by the Lucas family, according to estimated value of the artwork in the museum is more than $400 million, according to The museum is being built as a gift, so it won’t cost taxpayers any money.

Inside the museum, on display will be paintings by artists such as Edgar Degas, Winslow Homer, and many more. Visitors will also be able to see an expansive art and cinematic research library and also, the latest technologies used by artists in cinema, according to

The Lucas museum is said to be the largest gift given to a town, according to