Irvine’s Great Park Adding Various Sports Fields and More


Photo Courtesy of Irvine Inspired

Irvine’s Great Park is soon to be twice the size of Disneyland, undergoing construction of recreational areas open to the public, according to  LA Times.

Some of these sports fields are a soccer stadium, soccer fields, a tennis center, 25 tennis courts, five sand volleyball courts, along with a children’s play area,

a Kaiser Permanente Thrive Path, a south lawn and a north lawn.

stated that, “This 30-acre expansion opened in September 2013…”

Great Park’s South Lawn is “two natural and two artificial tournament-quality, lighted fields; spectator viewing area; giant chess sets; extension of the Walkable Historical Timeline..” stated There has also been a restroom facility added to the South Lawn.

Great Park’s North Lawn is, “a non-lighted, 7-acre multipurpose recreation area is home to sports and activities of all types…” according to There is plenty of room for families, and also plenty of room for athletes to explore.

In addition to the various sports fields, Irvine is also going to be adding “…massive commercial and residential complex,” according to OC Register.

In 2011, OC Register reported that the construction of the Great Park would take around 20 years.

Visitors can check out balls and equipment for free at the parks visitor center where visitors can also purchase tickets to the carousel and to the park’s balloon here too. To read about the great park’s current features, you can check out this website, Great Park.

Before the Great Park was a park, it was going to be an airport. In 2002, residents voted and the area becoming a park won, now today we have the Great Park, according to the OC Register.

According to the OC Register, “Homebuilders Toll Brothers and Lennar are giving buyers their first glimpse of the latest luxury home development near the Orange County Great Park.”

Many arguments have been made about whether or not it is a good idea to add these homes because of the traffic increase, but Councilwoman Christina Shea has said “If it impacts our Great Park to the point where we can’t build it out, of course we would be looking into litigation… I don’t think the county should be getting into the business of retail and housing”according to OC Register.

Many artifacts, displays, and historical images are located in the Great Park from “… its agricultural roots to its role in the military as the former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro,” according to

According to the OC Register, a resident that lives a mile away from the Great Park has said, “ that it’s available, yeah, we’ll be here on a regular basis.”