Sweden’s Rhone Glacier Is Quickly Melting


Photo Courtesy Of somethingswiss.com

Summer is coming, which means the glaciers need to go into hibernation.

Nestled within the Swiss Alps, Rhône Glacier is the source of the river Rhône, which travels from Switzerland through France and into the Mediterranean Sea. “It passes through Lake Geneva along the way,” stated somethingswiss.

But there’s no time of year that seems to demonstrate that special connection quite like the onset of summer. That’s when conservationists make the dangerous trek up those towering heights bearing massive white blankets, stated mnn.

The Earth is getting warmer, and glaciers around the world are retreating and shrinking. As Live Science has previously reported, humans appear to have caused 69 percent of glacial melting between 1991 and 2010 — and warming has only accelerated in the nearly eight years since, according to livescience.

Scientist are retreating to “blankets” to cover the glaciers. The blankets are designed to deflect the sun’s light, wrapping up the massive glacier like a freezer bag in hop