Orange County Plans to Build $70.5 Million Permanent Homeless Housing


Orange County supervisors voted Monday, March 19, to spend 70.5 million dollars to create both permanent and temporary housing in Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Laguna Niguel, according to The OC Register.

“We need to move ahead, and we need to have this capacity up and running ASAP,” said the supervisors’ chairman, Andrew Do, according to The Voice of OC.

A week earlier, the same supervisors voted to use 20 million dollars on permanent homeless camps, now the plan has a combined budget of approximately 90 million, according to The Voice of OC.

“It’s really great to see the county finally… take steps to ending the housing crisis in Orange County,” said Brooke Weitzman, who earlier sued the county in light of the many homeless, according to The OC Register.

The vote on Monday came as a result of Weitzman’s lawsuit, and was reinforced by the county’s decision to dismantle the homeless camps along the Santa Ana River. From this negotiation, the county moved nearly 700 homeless into motels for 30 days, according to The OC Register.

With the motel situation expiring Friday, Orange County is preparing to move them to other temporary living situations until attorneys for the homeless argued that there wasn’t enough space to move them into, according to The Voice of OC.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, who is participating in the lawsuit on the county, held a meeting where he berated the Orange County supervisors for not using the mental health funds they had accumulated on this issue, according to The Voice of OC.

An estimated 2,700 permanent housing units to accommodate for the homeless coming from the Santa Ana camps will come from this 70.5 million dollar grant, according to The OC Register.