Storms Bring Rain and Snow to SoCal


Photo Courtesy By KPCC

Mud fills a street after a rain-driven mudslide destroyed two cars and damaged property.

Storms and light showers will rain down on the third week of March with a half of inch of rain according to California has had about 1.39  inches of rain this year. According to the OCRegister, the rain might cause mudslides in the burned areas from 2017.

Between two and six inches of rain fell in San Gabriel Mountains on March 6, according to the ocregister. The rain was not strong enough for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to post a rain advisory for ocean use, and it wasn’t enough rain to prompt mudslide warnings.

A normal wet season in California produces about 10 inches of rain by March. For example, the area near John Wayne Airport had only had an estimated 1.5 inches of rain on March 7. Last year at this time, the rainfall measured 15 inches, according to

California weather has been bouncing from hot and cold. “This year, Southern California is in a La Niña or neutral weather pattern, both of which slant dry for California and especially for Southern California. There is a 70 percent chance California will experience a dry year, leaving a 30 percent chance the state will be above average in rain levels,” stated nbclosangeles.

“Sunny skies are not in the forecast in Orange County the third week of March, along with highs of 67 in San Clemente; 68 in Laguna Beach; 69 in Newport Beach; 77 in Mission Viejo; 78 in Irvine; 80 in Yorba Linda; 81 in Anaheim; and 82 in Fullerton,” stated to the ocregister.

Lat year,2017,  is on record for California on its wettest year. “It has rained an average of 27.81 inches statewide from Oct. 1 to Feb. 28, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information reported. A water year begins on Oct. 1,” stated The LA times.

scpr.Mud fills a street after a rain-driven mudslide destroyed two cars and damaged property. Source KPCC