Teens Can Compete at OC Fair

Contests include art, photography, and even pumpkin growing


Photo Courtesy of ocfair.com

Teens interested in showing off their skills in such areas as pie making, sewing, painting and photography and even giant pumpkin growing have the opportunity to sign up for competitions in the 2018 Orange County Fair by registering online at ocfair.com, according to ocfair.com.

Teens may enter in three different divisions depending on their age, one for Youth aged 5 to 12, one for young adults aged 13 to 17, and one for adults aged 18+. The youth division includes ages 5 through 12 and requires a 3 dollar non refundable entry fee. The Young Adult division includes ages 13 to 17 with a 3 dollar non refundable entry.  The second time is for the Adult division ages 18+ with a $5 entry fee. All entry fees are non refundable, according to ocfair.com.

Youth may enter competitions like exploring competitions and craft and hobbies competitions. Teens, youth, and adults may enter the competitions by reviewing all the guidelines to make sure your entry qualifies at ocfair.com.

Step two is to complete the online entry form and pay the processing fee (if applicable) at ocfair.fairmanager.com.

Third step you need to do is Upload necessary photos. Photo upload of entry is required for Visual Arts, Adult Home Arts and Adult Collections.

Fourth step teens, youth or adults need to do is bring the OC fair your item on Entry Delivery Day if needed (each category has a designated day; see Competition Guide) The entry Delivery day is Saturday, June 23, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Then participants are all ready to go.

Winners are announced on the same day as the competition.