Homeless Removed From Santa Ana River Encampment


Photo Courtesy of ocregister.com

All 732 residents of the largest homeless encampment in Orange county at the Santa Ana Riverbed were removed by Monday, February 25th according to ocregister.com

The removal of this encampment was an ongoing six day event in which the country moved 732 people into motels and shelters. The people will be allowed to stay for a minimum of 30 days, according to abc7.com.

“County spokeswoman Jen Nentwig said the county already has increased capacity at the Bridges at Kraemer Place homeless shelter in Anaheim, adding beds for an additional 65 people,” according to ocregister.com

Many homeless however have had mixed thoughts on the solution. “John Leonard, 65, said he had been living in the riverbed for a quarter-century and wished he didn’t have to leave…He said he’s thankful for the help but he’s still getting used to living inside after nearly half a lifetime outdoors,” according to ocregister.com

The homeless encampment had created many different issues such as rising crime, inability to use trails near there, and environmental hazards, according to losangeles.cbslocal.com

Homeless Encampments have created many issues with such as impacts on the community, environment, and the people living in them. The community can be affected mostly because of increased criminal activity, the cost to society, business viability, and non-legitimate use of public space. The environment can be affected through campfires getting out of control and pollution of  water. Many of these encampments are dangerous to its residents since most are in bad condition and can attract rodents and other vermin, according to popcenter.org