Disney Donates $1-million of ‘Black Panther’ Profit to the Boys & Girls Clubs


Photo courtesy by www.al.com

The Disney corporations are donating a total of 1 million dollars out of the estimated amount of 700 million dollars that has been earned from the movie Black Panther to the Boys and Girls after school clubs, according to money.cnn.com.

“There’s something special about giving back at this time of year and investing in great young people who are from the heart of our community,” said George A. Kalogridis, president of Walt Disney World Resort. Disney is donating to the Boys and Girls Club because Walt Disney World Resort has had a long relationship with the boys and girls club. Also because they felt like this season is a holiday season, according to orlandosentinel.com.

Just in America there is more than 4,000 Boys and Girls clubs. There are over 3 just in Anaheim. Closest one is in Placentia, Yorba Linda.

The first boys and girls club was built in 1990, according to www.bgca.org. The boys and girls club stem programs offers  hands-on, activity-based STEM curriculum which connects youth aged 9 to 12 to science themes they encounter regularly. Special attention is paid to connections of theory and application and the common interactions members have with these scientific principles, according to www.bgca.org.

In total the boys and girls clubs have received more than 2.5 million dollars as a donation from other organizations“It is a safe place, where you can be yourself without feeling the pressure of being judged. At The CLUB, you’ll have access to resources and experiences that expose you to a world of opportunities. Plus, The CLUB is a comfortable place to hang out with friends, connect with caring mentors, and participate in fun activities like sports, arts and volunteerism,” according to www.bgca.org.