Louisville University Vacates Men’s Basketball 2013 National Championship

Louisville University Vacates Mens Basketball 2013 National Championship

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Louisville’s men’s basketball program has to vacate their 2013 National Title and 2012 Final Four appearance. Louisville was denied appeal for the vacancy due to a wake of sexual scandals. They are the first program to vacate a national championship, according to washingtonpost.com.

A NCAA investigator found out that one of the members of the coaching staff was getting players involved with sexual scandals. Louisville denied involvement in the scandal and filed for an appeal,  NCAA.com.

The NCAA stated their concerns about the coach and player involvement, “It further argued that student-athletes do not have to be culpable for the vacation penalty to be appropriate.” On February 20th, 2018, the NCAA upheld the ruling for Louisville involvement in the scandal, ESPN.com.

Before and after the upholding, Louisville’s punishment was the vacancy of the 123 wins between  2012-2015, being banned from the 2016 National championship tournament, $600,000 dollars in fines, and the vacancy of the 2013 national championship.