Is Google Drive Dying?


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Around 250 million people around the world use google drive. All will be affected by google’s new decision, according to

Drive won’t be completely changed. In fact, apps are one of the only things that will be changing, But, people are still referring to it as “dying,” according to New York Times.  They will close down the app on December 11, but it will be shut down for good in March.

“If you use the Google Drive desktop software to keep your important files synced, you’ve got until 12 March, 2018 to switch to an alternative,” says Techradar.

Along with the apps, according to The Register, the name will also be changing. The name will be altered to “Drive File Stream”

Some updates will be added to the new Drive, including its cloud-based file syncing and sharing service. According to Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs, “…make your entire Drive show up on your Mac or Windows PC” but is everyone so supportive of this bold move?

On, there is a “cons” list of things that could happen with the new drive.

“Can be confusing to navigate the many features and rules. Offline editing isn’t simple. Other than that, are there any more complications?”

According to a user that goes by ‘Martin Zimmermann’ has this to say about the new drive.

“ …I need the cloud for my work as a designer. The old Google Drive application ran fine. No problems. But the new Google Drive File Stream Application for Mac is buggy as h*ll. There are many lags. If I need a picture or a pdf or another data, my both Apple computers are very, very laggy. Sometimes I have to wait 2 minutes for an answer from the system. My Mac is just loading and loading. I have synchronized all of my datas for offline-work. And if my internet is down, the Google Drive File Stream is down, too. I cannot open any documents. Not fine.The problem is definitely not the computers. All datas on my personal ssd works fine as well as the adobe cloud.Please fix the problem asap”

See for yourself, was this a great change or a waste of time?