Five Years After the Sandy Hook Massacre, Dads Take Action


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Eleven days before Christmas, December 14, 2012,  26 people lost their lives.

In the winter of 2012, in Connecticut, Newton, was a cold December day. Just 11 days before the holidays, a massacre was about to take place.

Because  someone had a gun, the lives of 20 children and 6 adults were taken (CNN – Breaking News, Latest News and Videos). The massacre occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary, hence the name “The Sandy Hook Massacre”

In the U.S., there have been 330+ mass shootings to date. This however, this  is one of the most well-known.  

But, after 5 years, the parents of these children are still grieving. Two dads have decided to meet up after experiencing the same horrible tragedy.

Mark Barden lost his 6-year-old son, Daniel, at Sandy Hook. Another father, Greg Gibson, lost his son, Gelen Gibson, about 20 years prior to this school shooting, at another school shooting.

These dads have a few things in common, not only did their sons die the same horrible way, and have the same birthdays, they also died on the same calendar day, according to WBUR

These dads are working to spark awareness towards school shootings. “America’s gun violence problem is like cancer, a disease that will take a long time to beat. Twenty years after the murder of his son, Galen, five years after the murder of Daniel Barden, the country is still looking for a cure,” says Greg Gibson.

After awhile, they found the shooter at Greg’s sons’ school. The killers name was ‘Wayne Lo’, he had shot six people, two of which were killed, and one of which was Greg’s son. But about 7 years after his shooting rampage, The killer wrote a letter to Greg Gibson, explaining how sorry he was for what he did, he even made a contribution to the “Galen Gibson Fund.”

“Look at this kid. He’s in jail. He’s figured out on his own how to at least make some token effort to repay what he’s done. Is that a spiritual awakening?” say Greg Gibbon to WBUR.

A couple of months after the letter was sent, Gibson agreed to meet Lo face-to-face. He stated, “… the remorse was real” but he also thought it was important to do something about gun violence.

“It brings back all kinds of horrible memories of the days following the massacre that took the life of my little Daniel. And I’ve used the word defeated. But I do know that the work that we are doing, that we have stopped school shootings. And all I can promise is that I will continue to honor my little Daniel,” says Barden

These dads took their grief and turned it into action, hopefully they will continue to help any other parents who have had this happen.