Poland Faces Big Fines for Logging

Poland Faces Big Fines for Logging

Photo Courtesy of wbtv.com

Poland is illegally logging in the Bialowieza forest, and was given two weeks to stop, or they would have to face a fine of at least 100,000 polish zloty ($170,000) a day if they did not stop their large-scale logging. Then, the European government told Poland to show that it was acting lawfully in the ancient woodland or it would face an annual penalty of 36.5m polish zloty, as stated by theguardian.com.

The Bialowieza forest has settled bison and rare bird species, and also one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense ancient forest. This forest is home to over 800 European Bison, Europe’s heaviest animal. It lies on the border of Poland and Belarus.

Poland refuses, and states that it helps ensure the safety of the people who pick mushrooms in the forest, among others, where trees have been weakened by a beetle outbreak, stated reuters.com. The ECJ said that Poland had another fifteen days to prove it was sticking to the ban on the logging, except for a very minimal amount of specific cases where public safety would actually be in risk.

Poland vowed to keep logging in the ancient forest of Bialowieza. Greenpeace’s Polish said, “The falling is continuing, even if it is at a lower intensity.” The EU took Poland to court, arguing that the Bialowieza project was destroying a forest that homes of unique animal and plant life, stated theguardian.com.