Chinese Merchant Ships Violate North Korean Trade Sanctions


Chinese Ship loads with North Korean coal.

Six Chinese ships were spotted violating the recent UN North Korea sanction and buying an estimated 1.5M worth of coal, on December 27, 2017, as reported by

China’s Foreign Ministry claimed that if fully endorsed the sanctions, especially after the two intercontinental ballistic missile tests North Korea produced late last year. The ships are reported to be privately owned and the captains are being punished, as reported by Wall Street Journal.

The ships reportedly brought illegally bought North Korean coal to ports in Vietnam, Russia, or other ships in mid-sea transfers. All the while flying a Panamanian flag, and having turned off its automatic identifying transmitter to create the illusion of non-Chinese ships, as reported by

American satellite footage shows the ships staying in Chinese ports for extended periods of time after illegal activity to make it look like they were loading with goods from China, as reported

“A company whose ships would engage in that activity ought to be on notice that that might be the last delivery of anything they do for a long time, anywhere,” stated U.S. National security advisor H.R. McMaster, as reported by