CSEA Sponsors Sock Tree Charity Event

Donate unwrapped, new socks to the District PYLUSD office


Photo Courtesy of pylusd.org

Giving this Christmas to all, helping poor families. On December 11, 2017, kind people dropped off unwrapped socks for those less fortunate. Bringing in those socks are going to help. H.I.S (Homeless intervention center),Victory outreach, and PYLUSD’s very own McKinney-vento program for homeless students and their families, donate to poor families. The tree they hang the socks on came out in the boardroom lobby on December 11, 2017.

The H.I.S organization described as “H.I.S house assists people experiencing homelessness to regain self-sufficiency. Make a difference in the lives of family experiencing Homelessness” from hishouseoc.org. The H.I.S organization today has homed 2000 families, singles, and children. The shelter houses 40 people at a time, and have a goal to get every single one a real home.

The Victory outreach program is a church related charity program. It has donated needs to all different kinds of people for 50 years. It could be establishing a church, building a career, or even growing or nurturing a good family, as stated by victoryoutreach.org.

The Mckinney vento program, is where the money goes to getting school supplies and backpacks to those who need it. The Mckinney-Vento program accepts donations from a wide variety of individuals and organizations.

The CSEA sock tree started in the late 1970’s by Gussie Morgan, a classified employee. It has always been successful and donates to one organization a year. CSEA chapter 293 runs this program.