Moonbows Light Up The Evening Skies With Color

 Moonbow at Kalpana Coastline, Big Island, Hawaii

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Moonbow at Kalpana Coastline, Big Island, Hawaii

A rainbow is an arc of colors seen in the sky when the sun is shining and there is moisture in the air at the same time.  A moonbow is a like a rainbow, except it appears at night among the stars.

According to, sunlight is actually made up of different colors.  A rainbow is formed when the colorful beam of sunlight separates into the rainbow colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple- as they shine through a raindrop, therefore creating a rainbow.

Like a rainbow, a moonbow is created from a beam of light, but this time it is created with the light of the moon, according to

Rainbows are seen more frequently than moonbows, because to create a moonbow, the weather conditions and astronomical conditions have to be just right, according to

To form a moonbow, the moon has to in a low position in the sky, and it has to be a full moon or a nearly full moon so it is bright enough for the rays of moonlight to shine through the moisture in the air, which needs to be present.  In addition, the night sky has to be dark, otherwise it is impossible to view the nighttime rainbow according to

So the next time when taking a humid night walk, look up into the starry sky and watch, and maybe catch a glimpse of the rare moonbow, or maybe, an even rarer double moonbow.