911 To Be Accepting Texts In 2018


Photo Courtesy of Government Technology

The ability to text 911 and send videos will likely be approved in 2018. “It’s a lengthy process to get there, and we’re hoping after the first of the year to get started,” Brian Rutledge, county 911 deputy director stated, according to morningjournalnews.com.

It is scheduled to be used in the first couple of months of 2018. “We’re excited to be able to finally do what a lot of places in Michigan and around the country are already able to do,” stated Doug Sanford, Director of Hillsdale County Central Dispatch. They have been working to get this done for the last year and a half to two years, according to wlns.com.

The reason that they have not had it before is due to the information to flow the way it is supposed to. If they didn’t fix that problem then it could’ve been hacked and everything would have gone wrong.

Brian Rhodes, who sees the operation every day says “All of those problems have been taken care of,” according to mariettatimes.com.