Congress Opens Door to repealing Obama Care Mandate in Tax Bill


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House Republicans have opened the door to abating the Obama Care individual mandate, and are in pursuit of a final version of their tax bill, which began on Monday, November 6. The top Republican in the GOP-controlled Chamber House, Speaker Paul Ryan, acknowledged this weekend that measures to nix the requirement to buy health insurance could be included the final tax package, according to Fox News.

“We have an active conversation with our members and a whole host of ideas on things to add to this bill. And that’s one of the things that’s being discussed,” Ryan told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,” according to The Hill.

While Senate Republicans hold no evidence in acquiring the votes to nix the mandate, they announced that a bipartisan tandem at the helm of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee had reached a short-term agreement to help stabilize health care markets, according to USN.

“No decisions have been made,” House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady stated of the mandate repeal during a Politico playbook interview. Brady warns that mixing healthcare into an already-complicated tax bill could cause new opposition and complicate its narrow path in the Senate. “Importing health care into the tax reform debate has consequences, especially one where the Senate has yet to produce 50 votes on anything related to health care,” Brady said, according to Politico.