Small Explosion Near BYMS Leaves One Man Injured


Captain Larry Kurtz and 26 other firemen of the OC authority responded to a fire in the back of house 4400 block of Cassiano, Yorba Linda, CA, on October 15, 2017. “When we arrived on scene, we noticed that there was a possible Butane Hash Oil lab and a possible illegal fireworks,” explained Captain Larry Kurtz.

“We did have sky rockets that actually went off in the backyard, so we contacted the bomb squad and hazard materials regarding the Orange County Sheriff’s department and their investigation,” stated the captain.

The fire is out for the shed but we are still investigating the BHO lab,” Kurtz reported in an interview with the Matador Messenger. 

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is actually separated from cannabis or marijuana. It is separated by a tube with ‘frosty buds’ in it, which turns it to an oil. The legal consequence is 1-3 years of prison. This was, as Captain Kurtz stated, not a very big explosion, but still could be determined to be hazardous.

“What they told me was that the man who was burned has pretty severe burns…” stated Rick Montanez, a reporter for Channel 4 News. “This past week there have been a lot of fire reports,” he also stated.

In the same interview, it was confirmed by Captain Kurtz that there was “one patient that was injured with burns, and he was transported to a local burn center.”

Channel 4 News camera woman, Asusan Averella, caught everything with her Panasonic P2 camera, as she stated in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

This past year, around 230 people were injured from the use of illegal fireworks. According to firework statistics Yorba Linda is a firework free city, so any fireworks in Yorba Linda are considered illegal.