Death Toll Rises To 42 As Fires Near Full Containment


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Around 9 p.m. on Sunday, multiple fires ignited throughout Northern California, and are still raging, according to the Los Angeles Times. So far, around 245,000 acres have been burned, 20,000 have been evacuated, and about 6,700 homes have been destroyed.

Fortunately, fire crews have increased containment on the cluster of raging fires. Unfortunately, another body was discovered, raising the death toll to 42.

After a whole week of scorching hot temperatures, a small dose of rain hit northern California on Thursday, and firefighters are using this as a chance to make sure no spot fires grow out of control according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Nuns Fire has burned 54,382 and is at 85% containment.The Tubbs Fire has burned 36,432 acres and is at 93% containment. The Pocket Fire has burned 16,552 acres and is at 82% containment. These fire are all in Sonoma County.

The Atlas Fire has burned 51,624 acres and is at 87% containment, which was in Napa County.

The Redwood Fire has burned 36,523 acres and is at 95% containment. The Sulphur Fire has burned 2,207 acres and is at 96% containment. These fires were in Mendocino and Lake counties.

Since most of the fires are close to containment up north, firefighters are getting sent back down to southern California to prepare for next week, which is supposed to rise up into triple-digit temperatures. SoCal is also supposed to bring in the Santa Ana winds, according to California Fire spokesman, Daniel Berlant.