The UAE Builds a Giant Mock Mars Colony


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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced that they are building their own Martian “mini city” to give scientists a “viable and realistic” recreation of  human colonization on the Red Planet, according to

Once completed, the Martian mini-city will cover 1.9-million-square feet of land and will give scientists a “viable and realistic” feeling to what human colonization on the Red Planet might be like, according to MNN. The massive mock city will be located in the Emirati desert on the outskirts of Dubai and will cost around of 140 million U.S dollars, according to mensxp.

The mock city, called “The Mars Science City, will include laboratories for food, energy, and water, along with an experimental region to prepare teams for the harsh conditions of the red planet, according to. The massive mock city will include a space-themed museum with 3D-printed walls from the Emirati Desert will also be included in the city, according to This way, they will be able to simulate the planet’s terrain and harsh environment through heat and radiation insulation, according to

The UAE is preparing  to colonize Mars in 2117. If all goes as planned, they will be able to send 600,000 people to live on the Red Planet, according to MNN.

“The UAE seeks to establish international efforts to develop technologies that benefit humankind, and that establish the foundation of a better future for more generations to come,” stated Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister and vice president of the UAE and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, according to

The Middle Eastern nation plans to send their first unmanned probe to Mars in 2020, reports mensxp. “The UAE is a great country with vision and understanding of the challenges we face and the rapid changes our world is experiencing, stated Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid.

“We believe in the potential of space exploration, and in collaborating with global partners and leaders in order to harness the findings of this research and movement that seeks to meet people’s needs and improve quality of life on Earth,” he added.