Groom Saves Child From Drowning While Taking His Wedding Photos


Photo Courtesy of BBC News

When Cayton Cook “put a ring on it” and dove into married life with his new wife Brittany on September 22, 2017, near Kitchener, Canada, that was not the only dive he took the day. It was while Brittany was taking her solo pictures that her new husband, Clayton Cook dove into a local pond and saved the life of a drowning boy.

As his bride took her photos, Clayton decided to keep an eye on three boys standing very close to the water’s edge.

“We were just walking around getting our pictures taken and I had stopped to get pictures just of me taken. Clayton was waiting by the pond waiting for his turn,” Brittany told

Soon Clayton noticed only two boys were looking down in the water. “That’s when I saw the boy struggling to keep his head up. He was swaying his arms quite a bit. That’s when I was able to jump down and was just able to reach his hand, I yelled at him ‘Grab my hand, Grab my hand’,” Clayton told BBC reporters.

“He was in a lot of shock, I think he was fighting for longer than I thought,” Clay told People news.

Their wedding photographer, David Hatt, caught this heroic moment all on his camera.

“It was a commendable thing that he did, and he sprung into action incredibly quick. Almost as soon as I realized he was gone, he had already saved the day,” Hatt told People News

“That’s Clay. That’s just Clay to me. It doesn’t even surprise me that that happened. It’s something he would just instinctively do,” Brittany told FoxNews.