Colorado Toddler Survives Emergency Surgery after Swallowing 28 Buckyballs


Photo Courtesy of The Sun

 Ella McBrien, a two year old toddler from Colorado, survived emergency surgery after  swallowing 28 small high-powered magnets known as “Buckyballs” while her father, Kyle McBrien, stepped away to use the bathroom in their home, according to  FOX31.

     After a number of hours at the hospital, the Buckyballs were successfully removed by surgeons.Within a few hours after the procedure, the toddler was moving around normally added the source.

 Ella McBrien’s parents, Elizabeth McBrien and Kyle McBrien, told FOX31 Denver on Sunday, September 19, “The girl likes to put things in her mouth.”

Buckyballs which were created for educational purposes only, were recalled by many stores in 2013 after several cases of children swallowing them were reported, according to DAILYMAIL.

“It was terrifying,”  Ella’s mother, Elizabeth McBrien, said after her daughter finished surgery.

 “I was losing it. He (Kyle Mcbrien) luckily kept it together.” Ella’s mother,

Elizabeth McBrien, said according to LIVESCIENCE..

Kyle McBrien said he’s telling others of his daughter’s health scare to warn other parents about the dangerous items according to Fox News.