Frida the Labrador Searches and Saves Lives Among the Ruins

Frida the Labrador Searches and Saves Lives Among the Ruins

Photo Courtesy of Photo Courtesy Of Daily Mail

After Mexico’s back-to-back earthquakes, Frida the Labrador is doing her best to rescue people and save lives. Frida wears “doggles” which are specially designed goggles for dogs. She also wears tiny boots to protect her paws, MNN stated.

“Frida has found 52 people, and 12 were alive”, reported to CBS news. She has been saving lives and going viral all around the world. As of now, Frida is located in Mexico, helping find people and animals.

Frida is seven years old, and every once and awhile she needs to take a break due to exhaustion. Two other Belgian Malinois dogs will also go into a collapsed building first, named evil and echo.                                                                                                                                                                                  

If the two dogs detect a human, Frida will usually follow to confirm spending no more than 20 minutes inside the toppled building, according to google news.

Dog trainers know that they found someone because the dogs bark, which indicates that the dogs found a person, added the source.

Frida is the most experienced dog, so she teaches other labradors between the ages of one and five, Frida’s handler stated according to Google News.

Even the Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted about Frida to thank her. “Not all superheros wear capes. Some wear collars, specially designed doggles, and tiny boots.”