Anaheim Declaration of Emergency Homeless Population


Photo Courtesy of ABCNews

Anaheim, Calif. has now stated a health and safety emergency for the growing homeless population, over 100’s people being moved out of the trash covered area. The final vote for the city council was unanimously in favor of the proposal last Tuesday September 12, according to

The Anaheim City council has unanimously approved the proposal to open emergency homeless shelters and increase the outreach services. They are also calling for more law enforcement along the river trail., according to

During the meeting, some residents argued the homeless should not automatically be accused of criminals, while others said they feared for their safety as homeless population increases.“Many times, things appear hopeless because we have nothing — not even restrooms,” said Tammy Schuler, 41, who shares a cluttered tarp-covered plot with her boyfriend and younger brother. “We trade and try to help each other. We have no choice, ” she explained  according to

But this way of life has sparked a backlash from nearby residents as well as joggers and cyclists who say the camps have increased the crime and blight, reported More than 8% of the homeless population increases over 2 years. The homeless population currently is among 4,800 along the Santa Ana river.

More than 50 people voiced their concerns late into the city council meeting. The resolution takes effect immediately and the city of the Anaheim will begin cleaning up the damage on the trail, according to The most of the homeless will be moved into a shelter while others are moving to a different area.