Apple Releases New iPhone 8 And iPhone 10


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Apple has introduced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, which will include all new features such as Face ID and the all-screen front display, according to the Apple Release Conference on September 13.

When both iPhones are available in stores on September 22, the iPhone 8 will cost about $699, and the iPhone X costing about $999. The iPhone 8 is equipped with dual cameras, improving the photo quality, and is waterproof according to Apple.                               

On the iPhone 10, there is no headphone jack either. Apple is also adapting full-wireless charging for both iPhones.

The iPhone X’s new feature is the all-screen front display, eliminating the home button and fingerprint scanner. Instead, the iPhone X will have ‘Face ID’ which is a facial recognition in order to get into your phone.

The Face ID will know who you are and what you look like. This way, the phone could not be tricked by a photo or mask.

As reported by NPR, “The new generation iPhone was pitched as the next step in the evolution of the smartphone. “No other device in our lifetimes has had the impact on the world that the iPhone has,” Cook (a reporter) said, noting this year’s anniversary of the 2017 launch of the original iPhone.