Woodsboro Sixth Grade Students Recycled Cans and Bottles For the Homeless


Courtesy of Woodsboro Elementary.

Sixth grade students at Woodsboro Elementary School have been recycling bottles, cans, glass, and other products and to create care packages filled with personal items for the homeless throughout Orange County.

“The students then helped assemble over 150 individual kits to be distributed through Orange County Social Services to the homeless population in the community,” reported Michelle Grimsley, sixth grade teacher, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

“ Considering how this is our first time initiating this community service project, I can speak on behalf of the 6th grade teachers in saying that we are very proud of our students’ efforts in participating with this recycling project,”  reported Gayane Keshishian, sixth grade teacher, in an interview with The Matador Messenger.

Keshishian also wished to set some new goals next year, “As a personal goal for my class next year, I would love to see 100% participation in terms of collecting recyclables.  Majority of my students did participate and were very motivated—so much so that they even collected recyclables within their neighborhoods.  However, I want to ensure that everyone lends a helping hand,” added Keshishian.

The Woodsboro classes raised well over $1000 for the packages, and are planning to do this for many years. In return, the whole sixth grade has been treated a field trip to Disneyland, California on June 13.

“My favorite ride at Disneyland ….. hmmmm….I’d have to say Hyper Space Mountain, because I like thrill rides.  But then again, I do like It’s a Small World because of the positive message for our world!” reported Grimsley.