Landslide Along California’s Coast Adds 13 Acres

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A massive landslide, more than million tons of rock and dirt, adding 13 acres of  land, occurred along California’s coastal Highway 1 near Big Sur on May 22 according to Fox News.

By analyzing before-and-after photos, the USGS (United States Geographical Survey), has concluded that 13 acres, 0.0203125 square miles, of land has been added from the the landslide according to Fox News.

More than one million tons of rock and dirt have covered, what is considered by some, the most scenic drives in the United States. “Whether that roadway is even there (anymore) will be interesting to see, once it’s uncovered,” Caltran’s spokesman, Jim Shivers, said according to CNN.

U.S. Geological Survey research geologist, John Warrick stated, “A quarter-mile of Highway 1 was covered by as much as 80 feet of stone and soil at its deepest point.” The reconstruction and repairing of the highway could take millions of dollars and more than a year according to LATimes.

The agency might be able to construct a one-lane road, but “it may take up to a year before it is fully open,” stated  Shivers. As the new bit of land continues to create problems, officials continue to make a solution according to usanews.