London Attack is Unlikely Associated with ISIS

London Attack is Unlikely Associated with ISIS

A British investigator told CNN on Saturday that he does not currently see a direct ISIS hand in last week’s attack in London.

The police are investigating the deadliest terror attack that has hit since 12 years ago in 2004.

On March 22,2017, 52-year-old British Muslim attacker, Khalid Masood, stabbed a police officer. The dead police officer was identified as Keith Palmer. There was a number of people injured. Fifty were injured, 31 of them had to go to the hospital for immediate treatment and four people were left dead; an American man and a British woman and a third person, Kurt Cochran.

On Friday police say the fourth victim, Leslie Rhodes, had died in the hospital overnight.

About 2,700 items were seized in the property searches, including computer data, and three cars were seized during the armed raid. Police stated there have been contacts with about 3,500 witnesses, and 1,000 people from the Westminster Bridge, and about 2,500 who were within the parliamentary estate.