Americans Commemorate Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary


“Seventy-five years since bombs dropped on Pearl Harbor. The 90-minute attack didn’t just start a war. It pitched the world into a battle of the soul. In the war that followed, people fought for their countries, sure, but they also fought for ideals like freedom and equality,” reported the

“The attack lasted for 110 minutes. The Japanese fleet that arrived at Pearl Harbor had traveled 3,400 miles from Japan with 6 aircraft carriers, carrying 360 planes. There were also dozens of support ships. 1,512 men died aboard the USS Arizona. 2,402 Americans in uniform fell during the waves of attacks,” reported

The attack focused on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, which was the central base of the US Pacific Fleet. These ships were docked along what was called Battleship Row.

“Of the eight battleships there, all were sunk. All but two were recovered and served the rest of the war. The USS Arizona was hit the hardest when a bomb smashed into the forward ammunition magazine. 1,100 men went down with the ship, many of which are entombed in it to this day,” stated

“In total, 2,400 American service men and women died at Pearl Harbor. This event led the United States to declare war on Japan and Germany. France, Britain, and Russia sided with the US. World War 2 had begun. It ended in 1945,” stated

“Shot twice in the leg, Lauren Bruner avoided death at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, only by pulling himself, hand over hand, on a rope off the burning USS Arizona to a neighboring vessel. Today, the La Mirada resident is one of only five men from the Arizona still alive,” reported