Two Headed Sharks Appearing More Than Usual


An abundance of two headed sharks have appeared in the Indian Ocean on November 5, and Spanish scientists are still trying to come to conclusions as to why this is happening, according to

An American fisherman, Christian Johnson, was fishing off the coast of Australia when he caught a pregnant shark on September 2008, 2016. When he cut the shark open he found a small, two headed fetus bull shark inside of it on September 2008. Scientists confirmed that this was a new fetus of a bull shark, according to

These type of fetus have been randomly appearing out of nowhere for on November 4 and 5 . In late October researchers found a shark holding a two headed shark embryo. On November 5, 2016 the National Geographic wrote an article saying that the two headed sharks are their own species and there have been more instances of them recorded, according to

On November 6, the researchers found that the embryos were actually born by a oviparous or a shark that lays eggs. Fishing has polluted the ocean a lot which slightly mutated the shark eggs to combine the two heads to form into the two headed shark that now exists, stated the