Italy Was Hit by Its Strongest Earthquake


Italy was hit by a 6.6-magnitude earthquake, their strongest in decades. Approximately 20 people were injured but none were killed. However several buildings were destroyed, according to

The epicenter of the earthquake was close to Norcia, a town in Umbria which had been hit by two earthquakes an earlier week. As well as an earthquake in August that had killed nearly 300 people, reported

Many people have not been injured from the impact of the latest earthquake because several of them had been sleeping in cars or moved to shelters or hotels in other locations, explained

Two churches were destroyed in the damage. On of them was the 14th century Basilica of St. Benedict. This church was built on the birthplace of St. Benedict, who was the founder of the Benedictine monastic order which is a Christian movement in the third century, explained

The second church that got hit was the Cathedral of St. Mary Argentea. This church is known for its 15th century artwork. However, now only the cracked exterior of those churches still remained. Most of the buildings had collapsed into piles of rubble and dust, according to