Las Vegas Builds a New Mosque

A new mosque in Las Vegas, costing 4 million dollars, is being built by Sharaf Hasibullah who single handed paid for it all and runs the mosque.

“She devoted her resources to build a viable community,” responded when asked why someone had paid for this new mosque in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“The Masjid Ibrahim is an independent American Muslim organization based out of Las Vegas, NV that provides for the social, educational, and spiritual needs of the local Muslim and Interfaith community,” explained

The members of the mosque are committed to serving their community by promoting the values and teachings of Islam, developing charitable programs for social support, and promoting inclusion, cooperation, and understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims alike, according to

“We strive to provide education and information on the principles of Islam, while fostering an identity of compassion and support. We envision fostering a diverse congregation, of all races, cultures, and backgrounds, while working towards the betterment of our community,” added

Inline image 2According to, Dr.Aslam Abduallh, the director of the mosque, had said it was the first mosque to be financed and built by a woman in the United States.

The 7,000-square-foot master-planned facility sits on the same site where Haseebullah and her late husband purchased an acre of land to serve the Muslim community in 1995, stated Before Masjid Ibrahim, a house on the land served as the place of worship. The house was demolished in 2011 to make way for the new mosque, added

Like any mosque, Masjid Ibrahim will be a place for Muslims to pray and practice their faith, explained From the start, Haseebullah has envisioned Masjid Ibrahim to also serve as a community center where residents of the neighborhood – residents of any faith – can make use of computers, learn how to write resumes, learn about potential careers, and where children can drop by after school for homework help, added the source.