Hurricane Matthew Devastates North Carolina


Hurricane Matthew’s confirmed death toll has risen from 11 people to 14 according to the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCory . However, the police estimate that roughly 27 people have died, currently, in North Carolina, three people are still missing according to an ABC interview with McCory .

As of October 14th, very few residents have power. Hundreds of trucks carrying generators are making their way through the streets of North Carolina to provide basic comfort for the flood victims, many people’s’ homes have more than a foot of water above their floors, and basements are completely gone according to the North Carolina Fire Department.

The three latest deaths occurred while the people were driving. One man was driving home from work when a tree fell on his car, killing him instantly. They other two were pushed off the road and they were found submerged in their cars according to the North Carolina Fire Department as reported by ABC News.

“Too many people have died and we don’t want anymore to die,” stated Mr. McCory. The flood waters are still rising according to a reporter for ABC news who is at the scene with the rescue team according to

Some exits have been cut off that lead out of North Carolina. Highway 117, a main exit road, was washed away by the rushing waters with cars and trucks stuck on the other side and with a semi truck stuck in the wreckage stated McCory as reported by

Many people are being rescued by helicopters and rescue boats from both the fire department and local good samaritans. One woman was found standing on half of her car with the door open, it was then noticed that she was clutching a baby in her arms according to the  ABC News Cameraman as stated by McCory.

Another man was found holding on to a yield sign on a main road in North Carolina while his legs were swept back a forth by the waters. “The waters have reached up to nine feet in some places. The latest storm brought winds of up to one hundred miles an hour,” stated the North Carolina Police as reported by ABC News.