Obama Confirms Expansion of First Marine National Monument


Courtesy ofhttp://kids.nationalgeographic.com/content/dam/kids/photos/animals/Reptiles/A-G/green-sea-turtle-swimming.jpg

President Obama has just confirmed a large expansion of the first Marine National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean. It is called Papahanaumokuakea and according to The National Marine Sanctuaries (noaa.gov), the expansion of Papahanaumokuakea will protect over 7,00 species of rare and endangered species, some of which are only found in the Hawaiian Archipelago .


The expansion of Papahanaumokuakea will add 442,781 sq. miles to the sanctuary, making it a total of 582,578 square miles in total. Papahanaumokuakea will not only protect underwater marine life, but also many types of life above sea level. Papahanaumokuakea.com states that 14 million birds in total, from 22 different species will be protected in the sanctuary.


According to Mother Nature Network (mnn.com), Papahanaumokuakea will “ban all commercial resource extraction – including commercial fishing and any future mining activity – although it will still allow some recreational fishing as well as the removal of wildlife for Native Hawaiian cultural practices.” This will make it the safest and most protected area for all types of marine life.


Papahanaumokuakea isn’t the only sanctuary though, and the expansion of it has inspired the birth of new sanctuaries, and the expansion of old ones. For instance, The Ellsworth American says that there is new sanctuary off the coast of New England. It plans to cover about 500,000 square miles each.


Mother Nature Network agrees that the expansion of current ocean sanctuaries and the creation of new ones will definitely help save the ocean and keep it a healthy environment for all the beautiful marine life in it.