Media Outrages Over the Restoration of the Great Wall of China

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A recent repairs to the Great Wall of China have been reported to be “so ugly you can probably see it from space,” stated


The 700 year old wall has been covered in a smooth cement on top. The repair took place near the border of Liaoning and Hebei province, added


The China Great Wall Society estimates that, in total, two-thirds of the Great Wall has been damaged with the Smithsonian noting that only 8.2 percent of the structure’s total length reported to be in “good condition,” stated


Great Wall of China Society Deputy Director, Dong Yaohui stated the restoration work had been done “very badly” and said that the build was “basic and crude.” “It damaged the original look of the Great Wall and took away the history from the people,” he continued in an interview with


The repair was meant to keep the wall from falling apart because it was aging mainly from rain. Large sections of the wall has been bulldozed or pillaged for building materials or heavily restored and commercialized, stated


The restoration plan had actually been approved by the State Administration of Cultural Relics. And the work was completed 2 years ago over the course of 3 months. Although some parts of the wall has not  been restored, people have been calling the wall “the most beautiful wild Great Wall”, reported