Immigrant Officers Accused of Sabotage


Of the 37 Malaysian immigration officers accused, 15 fired, 14 suspended, and 8 had their paycheck frozen, for sabotaging passport systems, explained

The 15 fired were claimed to have intentionally let people  pas without any background checks by turning the system offline. Up to 100 officials could have played apart in this sabotaging process, according to

“All the officers and staff involved in the disciplinary action are from various support level service schemes, stationed at the main entrance gates into Malaysia,” according to the immigration director-General Datuk Seri Sakib Kusmi, reported

The passport system may have been compromised for the past two years, helping the immigrants within Malaysia undetected. However it isn’t obvious how the system was sabotaged and it may have just been technical difficulties during that time, explained

At the time of this event, warnings of attacks around the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, arose by the British and Australian governments, according to

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